spector 360

Spector 360 is a user activity monitoring solution enabling companies to retain, review, report and alert on employee activity. Used for monitoring higher risk employees, and for incident response, Spector 360 provides exceptional visibility and contextual information.

Users :

The target audiences for SpectorSoft products are parents who want to monitor the activity of their children on the home PC and employers who want to record the activities of their employees on company-owned workstations.

Employers :
Employers may choose to monitor their employees using SpectorSoft software. There are, however, still privacy concerns over things like personal email.SpectorSoft addresses privacy issues regularly, and has a paper authorized by a leading privacy attorney available on its website.

Educators :
Educators, school administrators and school districts are required to protect students from online predators (CIPA & FERPA). Most schools use blocking and filtering solutions, which may block sites needed for research or not block new sites that have not yet been included in the filtering solution. Spector 360 works with filters to provide an additional layer of protection, and also helps keep students on-task by providing teachers and technology coordinators with reports and charts that show what web sites students visit and how long they spent on each. Keyword alerts let lab instructors or IT administrators see who may be violating a school’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Parents :
Parents have used Spectorsoft’s software to monitor their children’s internet use.

Illegal uses :

Some of Spectorsoft’s tools, especially eBlaster, can be used for criminal activities, and there have been several convictions for such misuse. Spectorsoft software contains an EULA specifying that installation must only be on machines owned by the licensee and also indicating that SpectorSoft will only cooperate with law enforcement when compelled to do so.

Spouses :

Spectorsoft has marketed its spy software to people wanting to catch their spouses cheating.However, in the face of criminal charges and negative publicity, Spectorsoft no longer markets its products to spouses.There is, however, nothing to stop a spouse from using the products illegally. For example, a man from Michigan who installed eBlaster on a partner’s personal computer was charged with four felony counts, facing up to five years in prison and $19,000 in fines and in 2013 a Texas woman filed a criminal complaint against her estranged husband for using eBlaster to spy on her Facebook and e-mail communications.

Thieves :

Since SpectorSoft software is specifically designed to be difficult to detect and remove, the tools (especially eBlaster) can be used by thieves who wish to steal credit card information, banking information, and passwords. Installation of the software can occur without the user’s knowledge or permission.Spectorsoft openly advertise that their tools will record all of a user’s passwords.There have been recorded cases of this happening.