Cloud Solutions

Would you like to:

  • Reduce costs?
  • Increase productivity?
  • Build collaboration?
  • Facilitate growth?
  • Support mobile business?

Cloud is increasingly being deployed by organisations seeking to achieve one or all of the above. While some organisations are still wrestling with topics pertaining to security, compliance, control, integration and migration, many are taking advantage of cloud solutions for financial and competitive advantage.

It’s not all or nothing with cloud. There are a variety of deployment and consumption options for organisations to take advantage of the cloud. Hybrid solutions is the most common deployment option we have seen where an organisation deploys certain workloads in the Cloud and retains others on -premise. Hybrid solutions underpinned by federation and single sign on ensures that the user experience is seamless and IT services are deployed in the most optimal manner.

We’re excited to see high levels of interest in cloud services. Office 365 adoption amongst our customers is the highest it’s ever been, and we’ve seen Azure-based business exceed expectations. The number of customers looking at, and leveraging, cloud services is increasing daily.

Why Aussys as your partner for cloud ?

Recognized as the leader in delivering solutions leveraging Microsoft cloud platforms, Aussys is uniquely positioned to help you with cloud.

  1. Deployed more than 1 million seats to the Microsoft cloud in Australia
  2. Approved Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner
  3. Offering best-value Office 365 for business Office 365 – including licensing, migration and support

Aussys provides a range of cloud infrastructure offerings, including public cloud IaaS, managed private cloud, managed hosting, security and application services. We can assist with your cloud journey, no matter what your requirements:

  • Cloud Storage with Microsoft StorSimple and Azure
  • Office 365 – end-to-end service encapsulating comprehensive migration and support services as well as Office 365 licensing
  • EnSure support

Thinking about the cloud?

We’re excited to be helping our customers on their cloud journey. We’re able to offer:

  • Unbeatable value
  • Options to suit every business
  • Backing of Ensyst’s quality service and experience

Contact us for assistance on your cloud journey.