citrix xenmobile

XenMobile is software that provides mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). It is developed by Citrix Systems and provides integration of any Microsoft Windows application on any mobile device.

XenMobile is enterprise mobility management software developed by Citrix.The product allows businesses to manage employee mobile devices and mobile applications.The software’s aim is to increase productivity by allowing employees to securely work on both enterprise-owned and personal mobile devices and apps.

A suite of enterprise applications come with the software called the Worx mobile application suite.It comprises email client WorxMail, that can be used to manage employee email, contacts and calendar and browser called WorxWeb,WorxDesktop, which allows access to remote files and applications, WorxNotes, an app for creating documents for notes, and WorxEdit for editing documents.In May 2015, the company introduced time management tool WorxTasks to the app suite.

Users can download additional applications through WorxStore. The applications available to users are configured by IT staff through WorxHome.

Features :

XenMobile allows Windows applications to run on the majority of mobile devices, including IOS and Android through XenApp.It uses XenMobile Server, which combines Device Manager and App Controller, for the management of devices and applications.